About Us

Welcome to The Erecting Hall, I am N8PHU and I founded The Erecting Hall a number of years ago to bring together people with like interests who could help each other out.  We currently consist of 16 members, 5 of whom are actual railroaders.

We are a group of modelers who are interested in the time frame from the 1930’s till modern day railroading. We have members who are interested in steam, diesel, electrics, building, infrastructure, freight car and passenger car modeling. We plan to have quite a few of each, and maybe even a few surprises.

We have quite a lot planned and have the research for it… now if I can just get the guys to quit BBQing out back on that old GEVO turbo and get out of that reefer car of beer. Rumor is one of the guys built a still out of the cooling section of a ACE…They will probably drink themselves blind.

Besides, it’s my turn on the tire swing.

Railroads that we like in no particular order:

NKP, C&O, B&O, WM, D&H, Rutland, IC/ICG, AT&SF, UP, NP, GN, BN, AA, SP&S, MEC, MC, P&LE, SSW, C&S, BRP, T&P, CB&Q, SAL, ACL, SCL, VGN, EL, SOO, Erie, D&LW, NH, CNJ, L&N, WAB, N&W, P&WV, Ma & Pa, MP, SOU, AWP, RF&P, AC&Y, CofG, DT&I, DTSL, DM&IR, Georgia, SLSF, PRR, NYC, B&M, B&A, BC&G, CGW, M&STL, CRR, TAG, RDG, CR, PC, TP&W, MILW, CNW, L&NE, NYO&W, LV, TC, S&A, WofA, RI, KCS, L&A, GTW, S&A, CV, FEC, D&RGW, B&LE, ARR, MRR, MRS, OP&E, SP, W&LE, W&W, NS (Shortline), Monon, Utah, NN, DRGW NG, ET&WNC, EBT, Chessie system, Family lines, Guilford, USS Steel Roads, Commuter railroads, and steel mill railroads

Youngsters may have to look a few of these up…..these are from the days before CSX/NS/CP

Software we use to model:

3D modeling:

We mainly use 3DS MAX 12 and Blender.


We use Photoshop, Gimp, and Paint.net for our graphics needs.

Other Programs:

We do use a number of other programs that people wouldn’t think about using for modeling….ever wonder what you can build using a house modeling program?

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