About Us/Legal Notice/Reskinning policy

About us:

Welcome to The Erecting Hall, I am N8PHU and I founded The Erecting Hall a number of years ago to bring together people with like interests who could help each other out. Our groups consists of current and former railroaders, professional graphic artists who are making artwork for Amtrak and other railroad endeavors, and one guy who keeps satellites from falling out of the sky.

We are a group of modelers who are interested in the time frame from the 1930’s till modern day railroading. We have members who are interested in steam, diesel, electrics, buildings, infrastructure, freight / passenger car modeling. We plan to have quite a few of each, and maybe even a few surprises.

The following is a legal notice:

None of the content on this site is to be used in any payware program. None of the content on this site is to be used in any DLC or TCCP creation for your own or someone else’s monetary gain. You may not distribute the content on this site with any payware offering, DLC, or TCCP offering. You can not reference it for any payware offering, DLC, or TCCP program. You may not upload any of the content on this site to the DLS except where noted. You may not upload content here to yours or someone else’s site.
I will be conversing with the authors of hosted content on this site to see what they wish to do about their creations in regard to the payware/DLC/TCCP program. For now, the above notice stands.

Reskinning Policy:

1. Asking to reskin a model before it is released and/or finished being modeled.

Asking to reskin a model before an artist is done with it is beyond rude. Don’t do it. If you do, the answer is going to be an automatic no.

2. After a model is released.

If reskins are allowed, permissions will be indicated in the Eula and Description of the model. Again, we do not reserve a certain reskin for any one individual. Hosting permissions will be on a case by case basis if blanket hosting is not indicated in the Eula/Description.

We will not reserve reskins for people.

Modelers will skin their models as they see fit. If they wish to make a model reskinnable, they will.