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East Kentucky 3 V1.1 No Speedtrees.

Note: Much of the text copied here is from the old site. Dermmy description best fits this route.

“East Kentucky 3 does NOT set out to be an accurate portrayal of the L&N East Kentucky line at any particular period in the line’s history.  It sets out rather to create a fun-to-operate Trainz virtual model railway inspired by the L&N’s East Kentucky line.  The route is modified by requirements dictated by the workings of the Trainz AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide a route in which the operator can conduct meaningful assignments with a realistic background level of AI controlled traffic.  The most radical departure from reality is that almost the entire main is double-tracked to ease the traffic congestion which would result from the Trainz signalling requirements on a long single-track route.  Also there is no pre-defined time period for the route.  Most of the coal loadouts reflect the late steam/early diesel era – say late 40’s to late 60’s.  The signalling though is modern – of all the signals available the ones used are imho the best available, both in looks and functionality.  Trackwork is more complex than the prototype for two reasons: firstly double tracking the main complicates entering and leaving yards but mostly I like complex pointwork!  There will be far too many crossings and slips, but I guarantee that it will all work prototypically!  Road traffic is a mix and match of what is available, mostly 50’s/60’s but it’s not even all American!  Passenger Depot’s are provided at all likely locations on the main line because I like passenger operation of the old sort – a four-axle diesel and a couple of heavyweight cars.”

Included in the download is the route, a dependency file for TS12, and a dependency file for Tane. As I do not have TRS2019 as of yet and can not test out the route in it, I will have to assume the dependencies for Tane will do the job.

As for making a version with speedtrees for Tane and TRS2019, I will see what I can do in my spare time.



I need to get some permissions for the Rolling stock for the two sessions before I can post them. There is currently 2 sessions, Jeff Coal and Endless coal.


Finding your way around…

East Kentucky 3 is a complex route with many branches. Fred Dugger (fdugger) and Allen Jenkins (Backyard) prepared two very different maps of the route.  Both maps are .pdf files.

Fred’s is a traditional map which allows you to quickly work out where you are and where you need to be.


Allen’s is a detailed schematic of the route showing track diagrams for every yard and loadout.



Harold Minkwitz (Hminky) has made quite a few new Billboard trees and re-treed this route with them. It is quite the step up in Billboard trees and gives the route a whole new look!


McCall Yard.


Maxi-Module, or Mini-Route?  I’m not sure, but McCall Yard will be lots of fun no matter what you call it!

Even though it is only ten minutes drive end-to end it includes a double track main line interchanging with a single track branch, a division point yard capable of handling mile-long trains, a large locomotive servicing area and more than fifteen industries varying in size from a single-track scrap yard to several large sprawling industries capable of receiving multiple 20-car cuts.

The route is entirely freelance, although it’s DEM/HOG base results in realistic topography. I have given it a Western Theme, the double track East-West Main Line is nominally Union Pacific, the single-track interchanging North-South single line route is theoretically Southern Pacific, but by changing a few signs you can run whatever you like on it.  I chose the ‘Western’ theme to give a place to run a large collection of Western skins which were out of place on my normal Appalachian Coal-themed routes.  Most of those Western skins were the work of one of Trainz most prolific content creators Frank McCall (SP_OR_BUST) and the name chosen for the route is a tribute to the hundreds of high-quality models and skins Frank has contributed to the Trainz Community.

Download consists of a route CDP and Dependency CDP.

Download TS12

Download Tane


Finding your way around…

Fred Dugger (fdugger)made a map for this route, it is in PDF format.

Download Map