Links- Dependencies, Reskin kits, etc.

This page has links to other sites where you can find dependencies and content that are needed for Trainz.

1. Jointed Rail –

Download their free content. Also download their dependency packs.

2. USLW – [] (Site defunct)

This site was bought by Jointed rail and folded into them. Hopefully we will be seeing their content re-released under the JR banner. The Wayback machine might be useful for this link.


Look under freeware, then sounds. This link will redirect you to their new site, so the wayback machine may be necessary to find some of their older stuff.

4. Trainz Download Station –

Engine sounds, horn sounds, coronas, etc. ** NOTE– You must have  a registered copy of Trainz to access this site.

5.  Subpar Productions –

Engine sounds, whistles, etc.

6. Trainz Pro Routes download depot – []

(Site defunct)

Unfortunately this site has gone defunct. We do not know how to get any of this content anymore.

7. Hornz –

The name says it all.

8. Valley Rail Services –

Slabay’s website with his creations.

Reskin Kits

1. PSD files for reskinning Volusia’s EMD MP15AC  (Original author: Volusia)

Here  are the PSD files for reskinning Volusia’s EMD MP15AC unit.


2. Reskin kit for RS-18u  (Original author: Felix_G)


Felix_G’s reskin kit for the RS-18u consists of 7 PSD files and the unit itself. Unit comes pre configured with his smoke, beacon/class light script.