Links- Other site, dependencies, etc.

This page has links to other sites where you can find dependencies and content that are needed for Trainz.

1. Jointed Rail –

Download their free content. Also download their dependency packs.

2. USLW –

Check their dependencies section for engine sounds and horn sounds.


Look under freeware, then sounds.

4. Trainz Download Station –

Engine sounds, horn sounds, coronas, etc. ** NOTE– You must have  a registered copy of Trainz to access this site.

5.  Subpar Productions –

Engine sounds, whistles, etc.

6. Trainz Pro Routes download depot –

Locomotive parts is a good place to start.

7. Hornz –

The name says it all.

8. SMWorks –

Silvermoon88’s Home of the Silverlines RR and SMWorks.

9. Valley Rail Services –

Slabay’s website with his creations.

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