Releases – Locomotives – GE Diesels

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1. GE B36-7 in CSX Stealth Grey.


A GE B36-7 in CSX Stealth Grey Paint job.  These came way of Seaboard System, they bought 120 of these units for their UPS Pig Trains.

This is another conversion I did of Jan Gettkant’s work. Thanks Jan!

This unis has ARN (Thanks to Wulf_9 and the folks at TPR), so you get all 120 engines. Any ARN files needed can be had there.  Unit also comes with a custom Engine spec that I made using TEE. Horn sound and engine sounds (Thanks to NS37!) are hosted on the DLS. This unit has a quasi custom cab view, the interior is from the built in asset with a new engine shell. Trucks are included.


2. GE B36-7 in Lewiston Public Belt scheme. (reskin by Applegathic)


2 different paint schemes for the Lewiston Public Belt from Applegathic.  ARN Enabled


3. C36-7 Energy Solutions (by Ekankal)


4. C36-7 Johnson (by Ekankal)



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