Roundhouse and accessories

1. Don49PLM’s 80ft Turntable and Roundhouse kit


Lets hear from the man himself:

I wanted to update my 80ft Roundhouse Kit because of a picture I saw on the forum. It showed a shadow around the skirt of the turntable where it was separated from the ground. The other was I made the invisible track on the stalls too short because you can’t place a Loco closer than 4m to the end of a track. Thanks, and enjoy, Don.”
1: Lowered outer rim of turntable skirt.
2: Lengthened TEH inviso track in stalls.

Download link

2. Don49PLM’s 115ft Turntable

Includes 115 ft turntable, stub tracks, and power pole and wire to power the turntable

Download link

3. Don49PLM’s Roundhouse stalls for the 115Ft Turntable

Stalls to go around the 115ft Turntable, both short and long stalls.

Download link

4. New and upgraded Long stalls for the 115Ft Roundhouse kit.

Don49PLM is back at it with 2 new stalls and 2 upgraded stalls.

The left and center stalls have gotten an upgrade, the through and right stalls are new. The right step stall is still in service from a previous release.

Left stall

Center stall

Through Stall

Right Step stall

Right stall

5. Don49PLM’s Invisible track

** Update ** I understand a few people need kuids 387111:100222, 100330, and 100626. These kuids are the invisible track that came with previous roundhouses. For your convenience, they are listed here:

TEH Invisible track download link

6. Don49PLM’s Roundhouse Powerhouse

Your Roundhouse and turntable need power, so here you go… just add a coal dump and wires.

Download link

7. Don49PLM’s Roundhouse Machine shop

A place for your machinists to make new and repair parts for your engines.

Download link

8. Don49PLM’s Main line track, yard track, 4 gravel splines, and a dark grey ballast texture.

Download link

9. More to come!