1. Unfinished route – Tennessee Northeastern and Switch machines   (Original author: Jordan412)

A route that was started and is now up for grabs to have someone finish. Comes with custom skinned switch machines. Most content from DLS and USLW.

Please note restriction on where switch machines can be hosted.

Route Download

Switch Machine download

2. Emily Bay branch Model Railroadz route.  (Original author: Felix _g)



A new original Model Railroadz route from Felix_g…..It is known as the Emily Bay Branch. As you can see from the pics, he has put a lot of effort into it.

Pack contains:

– Route

– Base Session (industries and ATLS/ASB setup, no trains)

– Some dependencies

– Indigo Tunnel by simulatortrain (many thanks for the kind permission to include the tunnel in this pack!)

You can read the thread for this route at the N3V board here:


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