Happy New Year 2018

Some goodies that can be found on the newest releases pages are a C&O 2-8-0, a C&O 2-10-2, 115ft roundhouse, machine shop, power house, and track/gravel splines

So what else is new?  Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheErectingHall/  is just about to go full time and the site graphics (Professionally done) are coming along nicely. We now have 4 members who are professional railroaders, some of our artists are now being employed by Railroad Preservation Press (See menu entry at right) providing graphics design services, and we have been honing our skills in general. Lots of ideas and content are being experimented with……

Status Update for The Erecting Hall.

The TEH Website is under going a bit of an overhaul.  A new look for the site is on the way, as well as a lot of new content. We will be updating our previous work  as well as bringing some new models to Trainz. Please pardon our dust!

We also ask that people familiarize themselves with the legal notice that is up, Thank You.

 “ALCO spoken here.”

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