The Erecting Hall


10 Feburary 2021

I understand that there is a child trying to sell Leadfoot877’s AWVR assets for money..

Leadfoot left it for me to fix up and repost..


Here is a 1 week link to his stuff and what I have fixed up so far.

It is what i have fixed up so far… I am working on a SD70 cab view to finish things up. When I finish them, I will do another release here.


Don49PLM has made 2 new Long stalls and upgraded 2 more Long stalls  for his gorgeous 115Ft Roundhouse kit.

See the Roundhouse and roundhouse accessories page!

Lots of changes going on, stay tuned.

We are in the middle of updating assets and the site. Work is going slowly as I am Essential Personnel and have been very busy at work.  Hopefully I can have all of the assets up to TS12 / Tane standards and make them error and warning free as I can. Site work is ongoing as many of you can see. New graphics are on the way from a professional graphics artist who is currently making artwork for Amtrak and a few other railroads. Speaking of which…….

Congratulations to Nick (Niartcar)!

Congratulations to Nick on having his artwork now featured on Amtrak anniversary products in their anniversary store. Currently his Silver Meteor artwork is featured on Amtrak merchandise, with more on the way.

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