Announcement from TEH

Eastcoasttrainz’s Content

Hi all,

We’ve received increasing queries regarding content from Zak (Eastcoasttrainz). Zak has decided to permanently pull his content after it was found late last year that some of it was being used in N3V payware – without permission. We originally kept quiet about this to avoid drama but the amount of PM’s both here and on Facebook are becoming a bit of a pain so here we are. We do not own this content and are unable to change this situation. Please do not contact us further regarding this content and if you do possess Zak’s content, be informed that their redistribution is prohibited.

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 Status Update for The Erecting Hall.

The TEH Website is under going a bit of an overhaul.  A new look for the site is on the way, as well as a lot of new content. We will be updating our previous work  as well as bringing some new models to Trainz. Please pardon our dust!

We also ask that people familiarize themselves with the legal notice that is up, Thank You.

 “ALCO spoken here.”

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